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Moving Company across Denmark

Moving company in Copenhagen

At Bechs & ABC Flytteforretning you will find a Danish based moving company that offers moving services for private customers within Denmark as well as for customers abroad.

People from foreing countries often has Copenhagen as the target for moving. That can be either to or from Copenhagen. We at Bechs & ABC Flytteforretning are specialised in moving in Copenhagen and to Jutland to cities like Aarhus.

We help with everything from pick-up, transport and delivery of your belongings to storage at one of our storage hotels in Denmark. In addition, we are happy to provide a handyman during packing and unpacking to help with any small tasks that may arise during the moving process.

Whether you are moving to cities like Aarhus or Copenhagen in Denmark from abroad or vice versa, we are ready to assist you so that you get the best possible start in your new home in a new country.


Storage room in central Denmark

If you need to store your things while you wait to move into your new home in Denmark or abroad, you can easily keep them in one of our storage rooms located in Kolding in the center of the country. Here, we focus on security, so you can leave your belongings in our care with confidence.

Whether it's all your furniture or just a few moving boxes that need to be stored doesn't matter. We have storage rooms in different sizes with space for both large and small quantities, so there's room for all your things.


International moving company

In addition to helping with moves between homes in Denmark, we also move for customers who are moving in and out of the country. Moving between countries can be chaotic, which is why we take care of the entire process, from packing to placing your belongings in your new home.

At Bechs & ABC Flytteforretning, we put together a tailor-made solution that suits your needs and wishes. Our trained staff ensures high quality, so you can safely leave your move in our hands and concentrate on the new adventure ahead.


Contact us today

With us, no moving task is too big or too small. We help customers move between Denmark and all of Western Europe and Scandinavia. Furthermore, we help with overseas shipping of moving boxes, furniture and much more to and from countries like Canada, USA as well as countries in the East.

Contact us now via our contact form on our website, our e-mail or by calling us on +45 75 52 69 99. We are always ready to help with your move.